Seth GardenHugsHi, I’m Seth.

As an active herb and vegetable gardener, it seems like there is a ton of responsibility in my hands. If you are not a gardener then you will not believe how much it takes to maintain a small garden and entire lawn as well. Between weeding and watering and feeding and fertilizing, it can seem like a full time job. When the sun goes down my other passion is blogging.

GardenHugs is a modern educational blog dedicated to providing you with accurate information on garden tools and appliances. We understand how hard it is to find trustworthy information or advice on gardening. Most information here is based on reliable personal information from people who work in the same problem areas of field conditions.

Our aim is to help you become more sufficient in your gardening/farming by providing you with practical guides for any type of gardening. We want to provide information that you need to develop or grow a thriving garden, while saving your money and learning new skills at the same time. The information is extensively researched and reviewed before it is published for the reader to ensure you get the most accurate and helpful guide.

Our team is made of multiple contributors from different parts of the world that have different backgrounds when it comes to gardening agriculture. The team is made up of free range gardeners, professional gardeners, gardening instructors, environmentalists, suburban homestead gardener, small range manufacturers and farmers from around the globe. Sometimes the writing styles can be rough around the edges, but please bear in mind that English is not always the author’s native language. I do my best to clean things up, but alas, I am only human. If you find an error, feel free to leave a comment and I will be sure to follow up.

Having the diverse team does well for us to ensure that you get the most accurate and beneficial information there is about gardening and lawn care. What place better to get your information than from gardeners who enjoy spending their days gardening, growing plants, raising animals and dealing with the basic garden tools. You could learn plenty of things that will help you maintain the health and beauty of your lawn or garden.

You can trust us and depend on us to provide you with field tested advice and information with care and guide/inspire you to become more self reliant and hands on when it comes to your gardening activities.

At, we value our readers/clients. This is why we take into account all your comments/critics/opinions and additional information you might have in contribution to the one provided on the website.