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In the marketplace for farming tools, there is a huge range of spreaders to choose from. For those who are looking to spread fertilizer and product much quicker and more efficiently, broadcast spreaders, and more specifically, the broadcast tow-behind spreaders usually suffice.

If one aspect had to be chosen as the specific selling point of tow-behind spreaders, it would have to be the instant advantage they present not only to gardeners who seek to reduce their because their work time, but also to seniors and older people who do not have as much strength output as they once used to older folks who aren’t able to lift as much as they used to. Broadcast spreaders are even more preferred because they are perfect if you want to indiscriminately spread your fertilizer spread onto as much area in the shortest time possible. Finding the right brand of spreader is also crucial for you to create a pleasant and beautiful lawn-scape. In this article, we will attempt to help you in your quest to purchase the ideal tow-behind broadcast spreader for your garden.

Things to Look for When Shopping for a Tow Behind Spreader

Convenience & Ease of Use

Even though tow-behind broadcast spreaders are made with simple components, it is not often the case that their interactions are simple. The internal workings of these parts, the nooks, and crannies, should not be complex to the end-user. They should also be easy to clean. If more scum and grainy filth accumulate in the little corners and parts, the likelihood of malfunction in the future is that much higher. In tow-behind spreaders, it is important to pay particular attention to the region right below the hopper; that is, the place from where the actual dispensing happens. The control panel is also a vital feature to have; it ensures the operator can easily choose how much seed or fertilizer material is wanted to be dispersed into one specific area. The electronic manipulation here should be simple in order to read and understand the mechanics easily.

Protective Covers

While working on your land with your locomotive of choice, it is not all that uncommon for the dirt and soil particles to fly into the locomotive cockpit and into your face, this is not only an uncomfortable thing to have to keep happening, it is the source of unnecessary waste. The situation is imaginably worse in the case of an impromptu rainstorm or when mild wilds or tornadoes blow. Here, the entire product in the hopper can vanish and incur losses for you, the farmer. This is why it is vital to have your prospective tow-behind broadcast spreader installed with a protective cover. This will protect the hopper and its contents from all surrounding forces, physical and mechanical.

Ability to Serve Multiple Purposes

The intention while working to maintain your garden is not to work hard, but smart. What does this mean for you? Instead of going for the conventional dedicated spreader, your priority should lie with a spreading device that can not only distribute seeds, pellets, and fertilizer, why not go for the slightly costlier one that comes with an aerator or multi-rake, which will dig in the product into an appropriate depth in the soil.

Hopper Size (+ Land Size)

It is crucial that you go for a spreader that has a hopper with a capacity of at least 100 lbs. The benefit here is self-explanatory: You don’t want to keep stopping mid-session to refill spread product into the machine’s hopper. The bigger the land you’re working with, the large the hopper capacity that you should demand of your vendor. There are many spreaders available in the market with holding capacities of 85kgs and more. Generally, smaller-sized lawns are more conveniently suited to hand-operated spreaders and push spreaders. Hand-operated spreaders are preferred by a majority of users because they happen to be relatively easy to use and take little time to set up. There is minimal assembly required, and even less little space needed to store the spread. They are also usually the cheaper choice for a spreader.

Solid Form &Amp; Solidity

In the case where you are looking for something that’s within a threshold budget, it may be of some temptation to procure something that is made less durable, say made entirely of plastic. True, the initial effect of those may be to diminish your cost, but trust us, plastic spreaders do not last. It is important that you get a spreader that features components designed to withstand corrosion, breakage, or flaking, a machine that’s built to last for you do not wish to keep getting a new one season after season. The best and simplest option to go for when picking a tow-behind broadcast spreader is going with one that has a long-lasting steel construction. Furthermore, consider the weight capacity and ensure that you get a spreader that can accommodate the weight that you want without resulting in breakage. Hoppers are normally constructed out of thick plastic or steel and should be securely connected to the carriage. Most carriages are made from steel tubing that’s been reinforced to hold around 200 pounds of grass seed or other material.

Reviewing the Best Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreaders:

Comparison Table

Manner of operation
Hooper Capacity/Weight
Comes with warranty?
Check on Amazon
130 lbs
100 lbs
Tow Behind
130 lbs
Tow Behind
125 lbs
Tow Behind
175 lbs



The Precision Products TBS6500 Tow-behind broadcast spreader has the capacity to let you handle various dissimilar types of items that may be spread on the ground. Even though this spreader is typically used for fertilizer, it can also be utilized for spreading salt on seeds, ice melt ice, or even weed killer. Its versatility allows it to have a capacity of 130 pounds. More importantly, not only does it comes with it a pre-installed protective cover to keep out soil particles, debris and the rain it also comes with large pneumatic tires for easy and smooth handling. The axle and internal parts are mad with materials to resist rusting and agents of nature.


  • Powder-coated frame
  • Comes with a rain cover
  • Offers a spreading width of 10 to 12 feet
  • Relatively affordable
  • Features a rugged design
  • Comes with a 90-day limited warranty


  • Does not have a metal gearbox


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Not only is the BUYERS PRODUCTS tow-behind spreader a dense, sturdy and compact fertilizer spreader built and intended for large sizeable lawns, it hopper bears a decent capacity of 100 pounds. For those who own pesky uneven and rough terrains the BUYERS PRODUCTS spreader is perfect for you for it comes with a broad base and large pneumatic tires. What this means the prospect of pushing the device across thick grass or perhaps a pothole-filled is made significantly less difficulty. This two-behind spreader has a steel frame that is coated in powder that promises no warping and no rusting. Also, the gearbox is fully sealed, which means there is little to no possibility of the machine’s internal parts being damaged from tough soil particles or debris. If your priorities lie with a tow-behind spreader that is durable and that will not fall apart then the BUYERS PRODUCTS tow-behind spreader is certainly worth its cost.


  • Large hopper capacity
  • Durable construction
  • Comes with manual deflector kit
  • High quality tires
  • Firm grip on wet and uneven terrains.


  • Relatively expensive


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Yard Commander 125LB Tow Behind Spreader

This compact tow-behind lawn spreader is an awesome speader for medium to large sized yards that require regular maintenance. This device can be adjusted to fit any size, which makes for a rather convenient and easy spreading sessions even on ununiformed terrains. The awesome 125 pound capacity is sufficient to till spaces in most residential areas. It is designed to deliver a uniform fertilizer spread across your lawn even on terrains that are rough and uneven. It comes with a heavy-duty frame that is made to withstand everyday use in all seasons, making it a particularly useful investment for so many homes and garden spaces.


  • Perfect for residential spaces
  • Easily put away when idle
  • Handles are adjustable to ensure that it is comfortable and easy to use
  • Delivers a uniform and symmetrical spread of product


  • Not as durably designed as other spreaders


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This lawn spreader takes around 60 kilos and is perfect for big ranches. As it accepts a big volume, there is little need to stop work frequently just to refill it back up with spread. This heavy duty lawn spreader is designed to cling onto your lawnmower or landscape mini-automobile and spreads as you go. It can be utilized for a variety of landscapes, and during all times of the year. This AGRIFAB is manufactured with the intention to work as efficiently as possible on sizeable ranches. It features large pneumatic tires that can be easily maneuvered to ensure that no area of land is missed. The enclosed gearbox is durably designed and is made to be protected so it can last longer.


  • Professionally designed spreader for agricultural lands
  • Huge 130-pound capacity
  • For use on large lands, such as farms and crop fields
  • Easily maneuvered and controlled
  • Long lasting and durable


  • Hitch height demands adjustment after use


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BRINLY’s BS36BH is precisely designed to be towed while on the hind side of a lawn tractor. It is attached to a single pin hook and can be fixed with almost any lawn tractor. It will function work with sufficient zero-turn ratio mowers too. Its hopper accepts a whopping load of up to 80 kilos of fertilizer. That’s 20 kilos more than the AGRIFAB. The BRINLY works best for ranches of an acre or more, with some space to work with to maneuver. It also possesses a patented directional spread pattern, which is manufactured to provide an even distribution of you fertilizer spread, its performance is just as uniform on grass seed as it is on ice-melt, and salt. Moreover, you receive another patented feature called AUTOFLOW technology, which automatically prevents your spread from being distributed anymore when your tractor draws to a stop. This prevents waste and ensures that not too much fertilizer is scorched in the grass. It has a range of settings whose controls are placed such that they are easy to reach while you’re driving. There is also a locking pad to ensure that the settings are safe. The hopper is covered by a clear panel, which enables you to see the interior whilst stopping moisture from getting in. This furthermore means there is no chance of getting covered in dust during work. The wheels are rubber pneumatic and far broader than most; this way, they ensure a uniform spread, especially where the ground happens to be uneven. As you might expect with a spreader of this size, there is quite a bit of assembling for the farmer to do. The BRINLY comes with a pictured manual to help you throughout the process.


  • Patented AUTOFLOW technology
  • Directional spread pattern for uniform spreading
  • Range of intricate settings
  • 80 kg hopper capacity


  • Assembly takes time, effort and axle grease
  • Quite costly – but comes with a good warranty and service cover.


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If we boil it down to the fine balance between durability, affordability, and ease of use, our taker became clear: The Brinly BS36BH Tow-behind Broadcast Spreader. It is a reliable device that, we think, will make those fertilizing sessions less of a burden and more of an unwinding activity.

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