Choosing the Best Pole Saw – Greenworks VS. Black & Decker

Best Pole Saw

Electric pole saws are an essential tool that can make your life easier during pruning and trimming jobs. Unlike other electric chainsaws, an electric pole saw comes with a long pole, which makes it easier for you to cut off even tall vegetations. Moreover, you do not need ladders for climbing while doing the trimming. Instead, electric pole saws allow you to trim off the branches by merely adjusting the telescoping pole as per your requirements.

There are two variations of electric pole saws, namely, corded and cordless. The former is most suitable for quick cutting jobs covering a small area. But, if you want to cover a large area, then you should opt for the cordless electric pole saw.

Choosing the Best Pole Saw

If you are looking for the best electric pole saw, then you should continue reading this article. This write-up aims to make a comprehensive product comparison between Greenworks 20302 Electric Pole Saw and BLACK & DECKER LPP120 Electric Pole Saw, which can help you in picking the right product.

Quick Comparison of the Best Electric Pole Saws

9.2 Pounds
10.4 Pounds

Greenworks 20302 Electric Pole Saw

Greenworks 20302 is a cordless electric pole saw that features an eight-inch bar and chain to ensure efficient trimming of the branches. This electric pole saw comes with a G-Max 40 Volt battery; as such, it delivers more power and runtime for the saw. It can continuously run up to 45 minutes, and recharging the battery takes only two hours. The Greenworks 20302, with its automatic oiling system and adjustable tensioning system, provides excellent service while pruning and trimming your yard.

This electric pole saw has a three-piece aluminum pole that can extend up to eight feet. As such, it allows you to trim those branches at a great height. It does not consume much chain oil during the operation as the model comes with an automatic oiling system. The battery of this tool is compatible with the other two models, namely, G-MAX batteries 29472 and 29462. Overall, this cordless electric pole saw is well-balanced and easy to handle.

Key Features

  • It features an eight-inch bar and chain.
  • It has an adjustable tension system.
  • Powerful 40 Volt Li-Ion Battery.
  • The pole extends up to eight feet and folds to five feet.
  • The battery of this electric pole saw is compatible with other tools.

Pros and Cons


  • This electric pole saw is cordless; as such, it can cover large areas.
  • The recharging time of the battery is only two hours.
  • It comes with four years warranty.
  • It features easy adjustment of the chain tensioning and automatic oiler for the bar and chain.


  • The bar and chain of the Greenworks 20302 require frequent tightening as they tend to fall off while cutting branches.

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BLACK & DECKER LPP120 Electric Pole Saw

If you are looking for a cordless electric pole saw with a high reach, then you should consider this product. This electric pole saw has become an ideal option for many people due to its lightweight and durable construction. It is a cordless model; as such, it requires a Lithium-Ion battery to power the tool. This electric pole saw, with its 20V battery, provides up to 100 pine cuts per charge. Hence, you will be able to cover a wide range of areas before the next charge. One advantage of using this electric pole saw is that it allows disassembling the unit. As such, you can easily transport it to the worksite.

The cutting bar and chain of this model measure eight inches, and it can easily cut through a branch with six inches in diameter. Another essential feature of this electric pole saw is the inline powerhead, which provides efficient maneuverability with significant visibility between tree branches. Hence, it avoids cutting the wrong tree branches. Moreover, this electric pole saw features a fast electric start.

Another essential feature of this electric pole saw is the adjustable telescoping pole. You can adjust the length of the pole between 6.5 feet to 10 feet, and it only takes a few seconds to adjust the length of the pole. As such, you can easily reach tall branches without the use of ladders. Besides, this tool functions as a pruner.

Key Features

  • It features eight inches of bar and chain.
  • Powered by 20 Volt Lithium-Ion batteries.
  • Adjustable telescoping pole.
  • To ensure easy movement and visibility, it features inline powerhead.
  • Lightweight design.

Pros and Cons


  • It is a budget-friendly product.
  • Adjustable length.
  • It can reach up to 14 feet.


  • Low powered.

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Specifications and Details of Both the Electric Pole Saws

Sunrise Global Marketing, LLC
9.2 Pounds
10.4 Pounds
Minimum Pole Extension
5 feet
6.5 feet
Maximum Pole Extension
8 feet
10 feet
Pole Material
Bar and Chain Length
8 inches
8 inches
Cuts Per Charge
65 Cuts
100 Cuts
Battery Type
Lithium-Ion Battery
Lithium-Ion Battery
40 Volt
20 Volt
4-Year Limited
2-Year Limited
Product Dimensions
40.2 x 16.2 x 8.5 inches
8.2 x 8.1 x 44.5 inches


To sum up, electric pole saws are an exceptional tool when it comes to pruning and trimming your yard. With these tools, you do not have to struggle in cutting high branches. Further, it does not require the use of ladders as it comes with a telescoping pole. The above-compared products have their distinctive features. Since this write-up is a product comparison, I will remain unbiased in deciding which one is the best option. As such, you should select the one that meets your needs.

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