What is the Best Fruit Tree Fertilizer? Jobe’s Organics Fruit & Citrus Fertilizer Review

best fertilizer for fruit trees

Finding the best organic fertilizer for your citrus and fruit trees is essential to ensure an abundant harvest. Do you want to improve the soil quality of your garden and enhance the fruit yield? If the answer is yes, and you find yourself asking: “what is the best fruit tree fertilizer?”; then this write-up is entirely for you. We took a closer look at one of the most popular fertilizers on the market: Jobe’s Organics 09224 Fruit & Citrus Fertilizer.

Product Description:

Jobe’s Organics Fertilizer is an environmentally friendly product that is suitable for growing all types of fruit-bearing plants. Approved by USDA, this fertilizer helps to maintain and restore your fruit and citrus trees, thereby ensuring an abundant harvest. Jobe’s Organics Fertilizers with Biozome is a distinctive formula that guarantees 100 percent organic and free of synthetic chemicals. It is a unique mixture of Mycorrhizal fungi, Archaea, and healthy bacteria, which are beneficial microorganisms. It is only available in Jobe’s organic products. This unique combination of beneficial microbes provides long term benefits for your plants and soil, thereby creating a suitable eco-system for your family, garden, and environment.

Natural Food for Fruit Trees

The addition of Archaea helps to break down complex minerals and hydrocarbons into simpler nutrients, which are essential for plant growth. The Mycorrhizal fungi help the plants to absorb sufficient nutrients and water, while the bacteria improve the quality and structure of the soil by keeping essential nutrients around the roots. This fertilizer has come under OMRI listed for natural food production. As such, it does not pose any hazard, and it is safe to use around pets and children; making it one of the best fruit tree fertilizer.

With this organic product, you will see the results within no time. There are several advantages to using Jobe’s Organics Fertilizer that makes it the best fertilizer for fruit trees. It increases the fertility of the soil in your garden, thereby promoting plant growth. It also enhances the root mass, and help your plants fight against insects, droughts, and diseases. In other words, it provides long-term benefits for your garden and plants without the use of any chemicals.

You can use this product for both ground and potted plants. To ensure a better result, you should apply one and a half cups when planting in a 16-inch pot. You should also use the product every two to three weeks. Moreover, this organic fertilizer is available as a natural fertilizer spike for both in-ground and container plantations, as shown in the table below:

Comparison of Jobe’s Fruit Tree Fertilizers:

All fruit-bearing trees such as citrus, plum, lemon, apple, cherry, peach, avocado, and all nut trees.
In-Ground (fruit and nut trees)
Container (fruit and nut trees)
Fertilizer Type
Organic Granular Fertilizer (OMRI Listed)
Organic Fertilizer Spikes, Continuous Release (OMRI Listed)
Organic Fertilizer Spikes, Continuous Release (OMRI Listed)
Fertilizer Analysis
Contains Biozome
When to Apply
Every two to three months
Early Spring and Late Fall
Every four to six week
Can Be Used on Edibles
Available Sizes
1.5 pounds, 4 pounds, 6 pounds, 8 pounds, 16 pounds.
8 spikes per package.
6 spikes per package.

Features and Details:

  • Certified organic granular fertilizer.
  • Fast-acting fertilizer for growing fruit and citrus trees.
  • This product is suitable for both new and established trees.
  • No synthetic chemicals.
  • The product comes with Biozome that allows the breaking down of complex minerals into essential nutrients.
  • USDA has certified this fertilizer under the OMRI list for organic gardening.
  • It improves soil conditions; assists in resisting insects, diseases, and drought.
  • It comes in three sizes: 1.5 pounds, 4 pounds, and 16 pounds.
  • Easy pour bag.
  • Fertilizer analysis is 3-5-5.

What Makes Jobe’s Organics With Biozome the Best Fruit Tree Fertilizer:

  • It significantly improves the quality of the soil.
  • It promotes the growth of the root.
  • Another benefit is that it enhances nutrient absorption.
  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • It helps your plants to resist against disease.
  • You can use it around your pets and kids.

Pros and Cons:


  • It is a high-quality product.
  • Recommended for all types of fruit trees and nut trees.
  • Easy to handle, and you can use it around kids and pets.
  • It comes with a refund or replacement in case it does not meet your expectations.
  • Fast result.
  • The unpleasant smell dissipates quickly.


  • Since it is organic, this product produces a bad smell until the plants absorb it.
  • Despite being safe around pets, some users reported that their dogs got sick after consuming it.

Essential Tips:

  • You should use Jobe’s Organics 09224 Fruit & Citrus Fertilizer when you are planting your plants in the ground.
  • Add this organic fertilizer to the planting hole. And ensure that you mix it well before planting it.
  • For a 10 feet square area, the amount of fertilizer should be about one and a half cups.
  • You should apply this organic fertilizer at the drip line. For a trunk with a one-inch diameter, you should use three cups of Jobe’s
  • Organic fertilizer. But you should increase the amount for more massive trunks.
  • To ensure a better result, you should apply this fertilizer every two to three weeks.
  • Following these tips will ensure that your fruit and citrus trees receive sufficient nutrients, thereby producing abundant fruits during the harvest season.

In Summary, This Is the Best Fruit Tree Fertilizer

To sum up, Jobe’s Organics 09224 Fruit & Citrus Fertilizer is a biodegradable, renewable, and eco-friendly product. Growing your fruit and citrus trees is not always an easy task, as one might anticipate. Nevertheless, the rate of success will be significantly high when you make use of the best fertilizer for fruit trees. Moreover, there are many health benefits of consuming organic food. It also a budget-friendly product, which means you do not spend much. Unlike other synthetic chemical fertilizers, this product does not damage the delicate roots and soil. Instead, it improves the quality and structure of the soil, thereby creating a suitable eco-system for your fruit and citrus trees.

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