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Garden care products such as fertilizers are a billion-dollar industry. There are a few trustworthy organizations creating items that are explicitly intended to help keep up and decorate yards. Two of the most widely recognized items are VIGORO and SCOTTS. Both are notable and have a notoriety for being reliable in the outcomes they produce.

Every Fertilizer Has Qualities and Shortcomings

Before purchasing your next sack of fertilizer, it is vital that you think about a couple of things: What is the size of the lawn covered by shade? How many hours a day is your yard in direct daylight? How much foot and play activity will the lawn need to withstand at any given time? Will pets be permitted to run and play on the grass, and if by any chance they are, to what extent will this be the case every day? It is only upon investigating these factors that an astute, financially savvy choice can be made. In this article, we will compare SCOTTS and VIGORO brands of fertilizer.

VIGORO vs SCOTTS – Which Performs Better?

Alright, so this is the place the article may get somewhat combative. Lawn fertilizer works differently for various individuals depending upon a wide range of variables, so for certain individuals, SCOTTS may work better, where other individuals will find VIGORO is ideal. It is wise to make sure that you pick the fertilizer that is right for you, your region and your grass. You are urged to go into your nearby nursery shop and converse with them about it, approach your neighbors about what works for them and discover what their experience is with various brands. We are going to try our best to make a recommendation for you, but please keep in mind that it depends absolutely on the yard owner’s location and specific needs.


Both SCOTTS manure and VIGORO work similarly and are applied similarly too. Both offer granular and fluid items.

Financial Cost & Instructions

With regards to picking the correct fertilizer, cost is critical. Considering the way that most lawn owners apply it two, three and occasionally, four times each year, the expense can be very costly. For property holders with huge yards, purchasing costly name brands may not be practical. All things considered, picking a fertilizer that has a decent notoriety and is practical too, is a success win circumstance. VIGORO manure is commonly more affordable than SCOTTS which makes it more cost proficient on enormous yards. VIGORO products have made a habit of expanding grass development in a constrained measure of room boosting its money-saving advantage.

VIGORO fertilizers are sold for anywhere around $16 for a 15-pound pack. This 15lb pack treats up to around 5,000 sq. ft. In this way, assessing the arithmetic here you quickly that for every 100 square feet of grass treated with VIGORO, it will set you back around $0.30. If you perform a similar arithmetic for SCOTTS Turf fertilizer, you will find that the SCOTTS TURF BUILDER fertilizer not only consumes less, it also comes with all the necessary proportional instructions so this is not a problem. All factors constant, SCOTTS exhibits an extreme convenience that causes you to make a grass care plan that makes it a lot simpler to pick a compost and a bolstering plan that suits your yard. Likewise, you will also find that the outcomes for VIGORO fertilizer are also impressively decent, though in some respects, inadequate. All we were able to get for VIGORO were connections to huge retailers that simply needed to sell me the item and unhelpful surveys. Actually, on the off chance that you attempt to go to the VIGORO site, it just takes you to Home Depot’s site. While this site contained a couple of supportive tips, it was not even close in the same class as the data gave by SCOTTS.

End-User Experience

The mainstream finding is that SCOTTS fertilizer delivers a considerably richer looking, dull green grass that looked extraordinary. We likewise loved the way that the SCOTTS Turf Builder had a littler molecule size which we found was consumed a lot faster by the grass creating brings about a shorter time. We found that to the extent slaughtering existing weeds goes, it executes a few however regardless others should be evacuated the most difficult way possible. Be that as it may, it is extraordinary at keeping new weeds from beginning to develop and will spare you a great deal of weeding time over the long haul. The VIGORO fertilizer was of notably positive effect in terms of aesthetics; it made the test yard look lusher, yet the greens were not as brilliant or normal looking. VIGORO performed fundamentally the same as SCOTTS on the weed front and is greatly improved for weed counteractive action than weed slaughtering. The molecule size of the VIGORO Weed and Feed is a serious reasonable piece bigger, and it takes longer to separate and be consumed by the grass.


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Lamentably, there doesn’t seem to be a clear winner here. On the off chance that we needed to pick one, it would likely be SCOTTS because its outcomes are marginally better, as well as the fact that their client care is extraordinary. This, to us, is a higher priority than sparing money. However, if the initial cost is essential to you, please, by all means, go with VIGORO fertilizer. At any rate, it has extraordinary outcomes and, on the off chance, that you are an accomplished grass manager, you likely won’t require any assistance from anybody in any case. Generally, these two brands of fertilizers work very well. However, the way we happen to see it, the VIGORO is beaten by just a sliver. Most clients who have attempted these two kinds of compost also guarantee that the SCOTTS brand items created greener, thicker grass in a shorter timeframe than the VIGORO brand, and we found this proposition to be both verifiable and justifiable.


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