Both the LESCO and EARTHWAY companies have been putting out reliable farming and fertilizing tools for a while now. They both design, manufacture, and produce products that are used by both professionals and homeowners across the world. Just as well, they are both top picks for most people who want to fertilize and treat their ranches.

It is vital to any lawn owner that they have a spreader that is not only useful for any kind of landscaping, but also one that makes the promise of being long-lasting. Also, it is vital that it makes the work of its use, the spreading, tilling, cleaning and fertilizing, an easy job. In this article, we look at both the LESCO & EARTHWAY spreaders and attempt to pick out the best one for you. Stick around!

LESCO Spreader

Not only is the LESCO Push Spreader a dense, sturdy and compact fertilizer spreader built and intended for large sizeable lawns, it hopper bears a decent capacity of 24 kilos. For those who own pesky uneven and rough terrains the LESCO Push Spreader is perfect for you for it comes with a broad base and large pneumatic tires. What this means the prospect of pushing the device across thick grass or perhaps a pothole-filled is made significantly less difficulty. This two-behind spreader has a steel frame that is coated in powder that promises no warping and no rusting. Also, the gearbox is fully sealed, which means there is little to no possibility of the machine’s internal parts being damaged from tough soil particles or debris. If your priorities lie with a tow-behind spreader that is durable and that will not fall apart then the LESCO spreader is certainly worth its cost.

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The EARTHWAY spreader is not only a compact lawn spreader, it is also an awesome tool for small to medium sized gardens that require regular maintenance. This device can be adjusted to fit any size, which makes for a rather convenient and easy spreading sessions even on ununiformed terrains. The heavy space capacity is sufficient to till spaces in most residential areas. Also, the minute-ness of this fertilizer spreader also means that it can be easily stored even if you do not possess a lot of remaining space. It is designed to deliver a uniform fertilizer spread across your ranch even on terrains that are rough and not uniform.

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How Do They Compare?

The LESCO fertilizer spreader makes quite grand claims for itself with its all-terrain ability, but so does the EARTHWAY Commercial Spreader. With both, you can now be able to claim a spreader that is produced using great materials, does what it is mean to with stunning efficiency and which is constructed right here the good US of A. That said, let’s see how they compare:

Durable Build

Designed to last, the EARTHWAY broadcast spreader has a one hundred and seventy-five-pound limit that is perfect in allowing for more durability in the spreader’s build. This is perhaps the main edge it boasts over the LESCO. It has solid thirteen-inch pneumatic tires with rustproof edges that are intended for dependable utilization. EARTHWAY has made a spreader that is both specialized and down to earth enough for regular use. They are likewise incorporated into the heavy-duty container; a gearbox that is additionally made for the solidness and durable mileage. Just by holding and connecting with this instrument, you’ll feel the tremendous distinction in this machine from the different less strong and feeble wannabes in its group. Even though it’s a residential-class spreader, it has a vibe and execution of a business spreader, less the sticker price. It accompanies broad directions that are required for gathering. They utilize capable innovation and strategies that are tried and true to create products that are of high caliber and minimal effort to the purchaser.

Sophisticated Technology

Unlike the LESCO, The EARTHWAY comes with a new patented control feature. Its most conspicuous selling point is the EV-N-SPRED that it comes installed with. EV-N-SPRED is a brand that is known worldwide as a leading name in spreading, and they have products that are sold under some of the biggest names in seed, fertilizer, lawn and garden industries. What has helped set them apart is that their production goes through several quality control stations before they are brought into delivery to their dealers around the world. “EV-N-SPRED” is a protective framework that takes into account the potential punishment your EARTHWAY spreader might endure. The fifty-pound spreader has a patented three-opening drop framework called EV-N-SREAD that guarantees even treatment. The handle is flexible and it likewise has three situations to take into consideration more noteworthy solace. In addition, you can accelerate the pace or moderate the pace down with the control sets on the handle. This is flexibility at its best.

Comparing Hopper Sizes

The EARTHWAY spreader is quite reliable in the size and compactness it comes in. It is 15.8 by 14.5 by 23.6 inches and gauges twenty-five pounds. Its case goes to your entryway at twenty-seven pounds and sending is accessible to choose nations outside the United States. Its hopper has a one-hundred-and seventy-five-pound capacity (significantly more accommodating than the LESCOs) an uncompromised casing and thirteen-inch pneumatic tires that are designed to ensure that nothing enters into the tire. There is an adjustable handle included as well as a control for the rate of spread.


For all its many advantages—its installation as a bagged and accompanying printed spreader settings on the bag, its promise to last for a considerable amount of time, its highly designed safety system, its sturdy wheels that ensure easy, uniform and ideal delivery of fertilizer material—the one thing that undercuts it is its unreasonable cost. Yep, this spreader is not meant for those looking for something that’s within budget. No sir. But if it’s worth it to you and your pockets re deep enough, go for it!


All in all, while we can say justifiably that the LESCO Spreader is awesome, we owe out mantle for the best spreader among the two to the EARTHWAY spreader. It comes with a heavy-duty frame that is made to withstand everyday use in all seasons, making it a particularly useful investment for so many homes and garden spaces.



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