Buying Guide for 3-Point Fertilizer Spreaders

The specialized contraption by which implements are attached to your spreading locomotive (your tractor) is called a 3-point hitch. It utilizes three main connection points to do s. Its main purpose is to provide a stable and reliable way to optimize the mechanical capacity of your tractor.

Farming can be a daunting task, especially large-scale farming. Even for those who own gigantic tracts of land, till just a small portion of it, or even preparing it for tilling, it can prove to be a thankless job. The recent spike in the advancement of agricultural technology has helped ease the labor burden, however, and helped farmers lower their economies of scale, and more relevantly, has yielded the emergence of such vital tools as the three-point hitch and the three-point fertilizer spreader. If you happen to own a large farming locomotive such as a tractor, it may be a bit stressful trying to get the tractor and the 3-point implement into the precise position such that all three attachments are correctly fastened. We want you to avoid such mishaps and s with this article, we want to highlight some really good three-point fertilizer spreaders—but first:

Reviewing the Best 3-Point Fertilizer Spreaders out There

Durability & Sturdiness

The likelihood of you being able to use your fertilizer for a long time is entirely contingent on the sturdiness of your farming equipment, and more specifically the physical build of your three-point fertilizer spreader. Should it be made out of plastic, it will be crucial that you store it in the shade lest it succumb to effects of sunlight: breakdown and brittleness and the likes. If the brand of fertilizer you use is chemically corrosive, then it will not only be wise but also prudent of you to go with a stainless-steel bin lest it not be able to withstand abuse. Your machine’s build quality is wholly influenced by the raw material utilized in the construction of the hopper. More top of the line bins are made from higher-end material, say, of stainless steel which makes them the precise suitable choice to feed with as well as use in the dispersion disk. Units constructed of significantly less quality, say, of plastic, usually, end up adversely affecting the whole system’s sturdiness. However, on the other hand, it might now seem the only prudent option to procure a spreader constructed entirely out of metal, but there is one vital merit that the plastic which is absent in stainless steel: plastics generally last longer. Plastics are, as a physical compound, unaffected by rust. What will this mean for your decision, then? If you intend to use your spreader every day, you’re better off getting a plastic one but ensuring that you store it wisely.

Secure Fastening

It’s quite a natural and expected thing to be confused by the wide variety of different sorts, types and kinds of fertilizer spreading machines. The real truth to contend with is that this three-point contraption is a tremendous device; a technological accomplishment without which most farmers in rural US would have a hard time. The hitch’s ability to fasten the one implement tightly behind the locomotive—thus avoiding the prospect of shifting of the implement at one end of the machine—is an important feature for most projects involving, say, plowing fields. Here, the employ of a three-point spreader that much safer and that much less difficult.

Hydraulic Lift

Moreover, having the option to lift and lower down the hitch together with its hydraulics, all remotely, all the while being seated stationary, is an awesome benefit that many tend to overlook. Even though most three-point spreaders from different manufacturers haven’t always been routinely standardized for most farming locomotives, nowadays, having three-point hitches from different locomotive brands indicates that the spreader is becoming more prevalent and is being adopted as a standard by many manufacturers.

Wide Compatibility

Three-point spreaders are now generalized into five main groups; these categorizations have been made on the basis of the tractor sizes, the accompanying implements that are compatible with the tractor, and more. Therefore, the next opportunity you get to hook up your Type 1 plow to your Type 2 tractor, with a Type 3 brush mower awaiting later use, you oughtn’t to worry about the prospect of encountering some minor difficulties here and there attaching them together.

Pattern of Application

The best way to ensure you get the most out of your 3-point fertilizer spreader is to apply the fertilizer product in the crisscross pattern. You are advised to lessen the application amount by half, then proceed to till along the lawn. After the first till, till a second time, this time along the line that cuts perpendicular to the first till.

Comparison Table

Hooper Capacity/Weight
Connetable 3-point hitch?
Check on Amazon
80 lbs.
125 lbs.
219 lbs.
192 lbs.
30 lbs.


Reviewing the Best 3-Point Fertilizer Spreaders out There


The FIELD TUFF AS-80ATV12 fertilizer spreaders feature a clevis-type hitch which is meant to be dragged at the spreader’s rear. It comes with possesses one PTO shaft and one poly hopper, both of which attach to through the 3-point hitch. Also included together with the unit is an agitator that comes with a rubber wheel. To make use of the hopper, it can also be exchanged interchangeably with the steel hoppers. The inclusion of a system of distribution in the horizontal exits of the spread fertilizer makes sure that ensures more efficient spreading when done from farther distances, thus able to obtain a homogeneous quality to each vane. This 3-point spreader comes with an opening split lever that can disburse product on either the right or exclusively on the left. The mode of attachments on this poly hopper spread to provide a decent amount of control over the disbursement of spread near the borders; there are a variety of cultures that may not necessarily need treatment. The FIELD TUFF AS-80ATV12 fertilizer spreader has a spreading width that is adjustable and is able to spread lime with the capability of utilizing either granular or pellet lime. The absorption power of FIELD TUFF AS-80ATV12happens at around 500 RPM is 6 HP.


  • Reinforced stamped steel
  • Offers awesome control


  • Prone to rusting


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This 3-point fertilizer is ideal for spreading fertilizer. It is a broadcast spreader whose motor is powered by 12 volts and it features a quad-part fan together with lapped-over blades, a gearbox bathed in oil, a 3-part mount which is easy and quick, PTO shaft shielded by telescoping technology, and two handles made by CIBTRIK. The YARD TUFF AS-80LT12 LAWN TRACTOR SPREADER, 12-VOLT fertilizer spreader has everything going for it: from its manual hydraulic control, twin banding kit styling, an impressively rigid construction, a fourteen-part steel hopper whose seams are welded, a circular hopper base which curtails material from lodging and assures uniform disbursement of feed, a shielded, Quick-Tach, take-off power shaft that is telescoped, a gearbox meant for lengthy, durable free use that is heavily cast in iron and whose roller bearings are tapered, individual gears forged in tough drop and topped with oil—this spreader gives you the power to control amounts of disbursed seed at the specific rate of 3 pounds per acre as well as fertilizer at the specific rate of 50 pounds all the way to 1,000 pounds per acre.


  • Amounts disbursed is at user’s control.
  • Makes for a beautiful, uniform spread
  • Comes with shielded take-off shaft with replaceable universal bearings.
  • Agitator rotates for uniformity
  • Sturdy and corrosion-resistant alloy of aluminum with replaceable blades.


  • The MODEL is quite expensive
  • Can be quite wasteful if enough caution isn’t taken


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The Precision Products TBS6500 Tow-behind broadcast spreader has the capacity to let you handle various dissimilar types of items that may be spread on the ground. Even though this spreader is typically used for fertilizer, it can also be utilized for spreading salt on seeds, ice melt ice, or even weed killer. Its versatility allows it to have a capacity of 60 kilos. More importantly, not only does it comes with it a pre-installed protective cover to keep out soil particles, debris, and the rain it also comes with large pneumatic tires for easy and smooth handling. The axle and internal parts are made with materials to resist rusting and agents of nature. It is built by PTO and built wholly for Type-1 Tractors. Its design is rugged and its hopper galvanized to make sure you have many years of unproblematic spreading. It features a 3-point bushel which is able to carry 192 pounds of seed capacity. It also has an agitator that rotates, offering consistent and even seeding. The PRECISION TB6500 is impressively effective at spreading most strains of grains, fertilizers, whether palletized or granulated and seeds. This machine’s seeder is in charge of controlling the handles, both of them, the lower one and the upper one, which results in easy and efficient control. This rate of seed flow can be manually controlled by the spreader easily by 2 pounds to 500 pounds per acre. This 3-point spreader also is most convenient when mounting and dismounting, its mechanism being fast and easy to grasp. With the capacity to carry almost 200 pounds of fertilizer spread product, this 3-point spreader hitch mounting is the ideal choice for use on size seeder to use on nurseries, parks, schools, groves, orchards, farms… etcetera.


  • Powder-coated frame
  • Comes with a rain cover
  • Relatively affordable
  • Features a rugged design


  • Does not have a metal gearbox


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The GUIDE GEAR HEAVY DUTY MOUNT SPREADER promises effectiveness at performing a variety of different tasks. As it says in its name, it promises to spread things. It has been specifically processed with organic vegetable growers, tree farmers, and small farmers, in mind. There is something of a consensus among those who operate this device that GUIDE GEAR HEAVY DUTY MOUNT SPREADER has been the perfect product for mixing seed, or more effectively, for liming their fertilizer. Whatever the nature or texture of your spread, this GUIDE GEAR HEAVY DUTY MOUNT SPREADER fertilizer to accommodate your needs. Its use has been approved for most strains of moist soil, any kind of wet agricultural lime, all organic products, fertilizers, topdressing soils, compost heaps, seeds; even sand and salt pose no problem. Those who wish to keep their golf course lawns perfect will adore this three-point spreader. With it you are able to mix lime, you may use it to spread fertilizers, organics, sand, and even pre-emergent pesticides all simultaneously. This GUIDE GEAR HEAVY DUTY MOUNT SPREADER is also proficient at broadcasting the seed in the same instant it is mixing. For those farmers who own ranches and livestock, the GUIDE GEAR HEAVY DUTY MOUNT SPREADER is a fast and certain way to deliver fertilizers, seeds and onto the cattle’s pasture, whether or not they lie on steep or flat terrain. Winemakers whose only desire is to see a high-quality grape till can be able to sprout forth viable grapes which will have grown with just the right pH levels as well as the right nutritional balance. This cost-saving spreader is perfect for athletic complexes, vineyards growers, food plotters, farmers, ranchers, nursery parks, deer farmers, golf courses, city maintenance yards, D.O.T., mine reclamation and most other agricultural or horticultural setups.


  • Approved for most lawns
  • Perfect for erosion control


  • Needs primer
  • Prone to rusting


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The BEHLEN 3-point spreader works perfectly with tractors seeking to spread significantly large amounts of seed and fertilizer’s. The 3-Point Spreader features a steel hopper (depending on your vendor) with the capacity to carry up to 850lbs, a spreader that is PTO driven, and in-hopper agitator. It really is the absolute sizeable-acreage moisture-less fertilizer and applicator of lime, impeccable in its ability to provide high rate of precision control, working with wide widths, and heavy capacity spreads.


  • High hopper capacity
  • Effective at lime application


  • It is relatively expensive



In Summary

Three-point fertilizer spreaders really are awesome devices to use when trying to execute any farm tasks that involve tilling and fertilizer spreading. They can mean the difference between a uniform plantation or lawn, and one that is disorderly and jungle-like. This is why it is vital when tilling and spreading fertilizer on your farm locomotive, that you attach to it a decent, durable, high hopper capacity 3-point fertilizer; among, of course, many other variables.



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