Buying Guide for Lawn Spreaders Under $100


There is a wide variety of lawn spreaders available in different sizes out there. When choosing the right spreader you must compare your options wisely. Some of them are intended carted by hands while others can are made to be attached, among many other operation designs.

It is not always the case that nature makes the ultimate decision of whether or not, or to what degree your garden will look green. While you might live in a place with a decent climate for plants, there will come a point where you will need to provide a helping hand so that you can provide the nutrients that are needed for the soil to maintain healthy and green plants; and this is where lawn spreaders come in. When you can choose to spread manure manually, a lawn spreader is the most preferred helping hand since it can help you execute the task efficiently and conveniently. The essential benefit of owning a lawn spreader is that they make sure that the application of lawn products is done evenly, which is essential if you want a conspicuous and flourishing lawn. Without its assistance, lawn seed is simply laid in a disorganized manner, which can lead to a patchy lawn in whose several areas are left dense whereby others depict an apparent lack of lawn growth. Fertilizer spreading that is not uniform can also cause problems, particularly if the application is done too heavily, and this can lead to scorching your own lawn.

There exist several options of lawn spreaders in the market, including the manually operated, hand-held, push-along, and tow-behind options. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top-rated spreading products to help you decide which is best one for you—but first, here are some things to think about before going out to get your lawn spreader.

What to Consider When Looking for a Lawn Spreader

Lawn Acreage

Generally, smaller-sized lawns are more conveniently suited to hand-operated spreaders and push spreaders. Hand-operated spreaders are preferred by a majority of users because they happen to be relatively easy to use and take little time to set up. There is minimal assembly required and even less little space needed to store the spread. They are also normally the cheaper choice for a spreader.

Power Source

The kinds of spreaders that are battery-powered are also more widely the preferred option for most people who enjoy a less tedious work experience. The operated spreaders that function manually are usually preferred by farmers who prefer a more intimate farming experience.

Weight and Balance

For weight and balance, you are urged to look for less dense and more ergonomically incline hand-operated spreaders. These tend to be more comfortable to wield and not cause any strain on your wrists or shoulders. Another vitally important thing to ensure is balance—that is, the spreader must not be allowed to tip once the fertilizer is inserted into it.


Hand-operated spreaders here are also more preferred by medium and large-sized lawn owners even though it does obviously consume a bigger chunk of time to finish the spreading task and may need numerous top-ups of spread because a hand-operated one can only be filled with so much. A significant proportion of farmers with bigger gardens also prefer push-along spreaders, which don’t need big hoppers to refill.

Solidness & Durability

For those who are partial to push-along spreaders, you are urged to seek solid and durable brands that will not relent under pressure or break after light use. If you seek to make you spreading sessions more enjoyable, lighter options should be your picks, but you should make sure not to prioritize the weight over strength and sturdiness.


It goes without saying that towing spreaders are the obvious choice for those with large tracts of land. You need to seek a decent sturdy spreader that will pass the test of time because, as it is, they happen to be quite costly. Go for a tow-behind spreader that has a hopper and a capacity commensurate to the acreage of your land. Also, make sure to check that the connector splicing the spreader to your farming locomotive is compatible.

Here are the 5 best lawn spreaders that cost less than $100:

Comparison Table

Manner of operation
Hooper Capacity/Weight
Comes with warranty?
Check on Amazon
Tow Behind
175 lbs
5 lbs
Tow Behind
130 lbs
25 lbs
5 lbs


Reviewing the Best Lawn Spreaders out There


BRINLY’s BS36BH is precisely designed to be towed while on the hind side of a lawn tractor. It is attached to a single pin hook and can be fixed with almost any lawn tractor. It will function work with sufficient zero-turn ratio mowers too. Its hopper accepts a whopping load of up to 80 kilos of fertilizer. That’s 20 kilos more than the AGRIFAB. The BRINLY works best for ranches of an acre or more, with some space to work with maneuver. It also possesses a patented directional spread pattern, which is manufactured to provide an even distribution of you fertilizer spread, its performance is just as uniform on grass seed as it is on ice-melt, and salt. Moreover, you receive another patented feature called AUTOFLOW technology, which automatically prevents your spread from being distributed anymore when your tractor draws to a stop. This prevents waste and ensures that not too much fertilizer is scorched in the grass. It has a range of settings whose controls are placed such that they are easy to reach while you’re driving. There is also a locking pad to make ensure that the settings are safe. The hopper is covered by a clear panel, which enables you to see the interior whilst stopping moisture from getting in. This furthermore means there is no chance of getting covered in dust during work. The wheels are rubber pneumatic and far broader than most; this way they ensure a uniform spread, especially where the ground happens to be uneven. As you might expect with a spreader of this size, there is quite a bit of assembling for the farmer to do. The BRINLY comes with a pictured manual to help you throughout the process.


  • Patented AUTOFLOW technology
  • Directional spread pattern for uniform spreading
  • Range of intricate settings
  • 75 lbs hopper capacity


  • Assembly takes time, effort and axle grease
  • Quite costly – but comes with a good warranty and service cover.


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This compact lawn spreader is an awesome tool for small to medium sized gardens that require regular maintenance. This device can be adjusted to fit any size, which makes for a rather convenient and easy spreading sessions even on ununiformed terrains. The awesome 25 pound capacity is sufficient to till spaces in most residential areas. The minute-ness of this fertilizer spreader also means that it can be easily stored even if you do not possess a lot of remaining space. It is designed to deliver a uniform fertilizer spread across your ranch even on terrains that are rough and not uniform. It comes with a heavy-duty frame that is made to withstand everyday use in all seasons, making it a particularly useful investment for so many homes and garden spaces.


  • Perfect for residential spaces
  • Easily put away when idle
  • Handles are adjustable to ensure that it is comfortable and easy to use
  • Delivers a uniform and symmetrical spread of product


  • Not as durably designed as other spreaders


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This impeccably durable and simple-use lawn spreader is most beneficial with a wide range of garden spaces. When used as a hand-operated device, this is a multiply applicable spreader that is utilized to treat throughout the year. You may use it to spread inordinate amounts of spread during the summer and grit during the winter. It comes with multiple adjustable sphincters to execute any chore. You as the farmer have the option to choose the precise amount of fertilizer to be spread across your land, which makes it a decent tool to have around which also saves you money in the long term. It is very light and no matter how little your land or flowerbeds are, this spreader proves to be very handy! It is perhaps one of the simplest as well as one of the most convenient of its sort for it grants you absolute control over the spread mass and amount.


  • Impressively durable and long lasting
  • One of the most efficient spreaders in the market
  • Hole sizes are adjustable to control how much fertilizer is being used
  • Handheld while being lightweight spreader
  • Perfect for a vast range of gardens or flower beds


  • Expensive
  • Somewhat prone to leaks


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This lawn spreader takes around 130 lbs and is perfect for big ranches. As it accepts a big volume, there is little need to stop work frequently just to refill it back up with spread. This heavy duty lawn spreader is designed to cling onto your lawnmower or landscape mini-automobile and spreads as you go. It can be utilized for a variety of landscapes, and during all times of the year. This AGRIFAB is manufactured with the intention to work as efficiently as possible on sizeable ranches. It features large pneumatic tires that can be easily maneuvered to ensure that no area of land is missed. The enclosed gearbox is durably designed and is made to be protected so it can last longer.


  • Professionally designed spreader for agricultural lands
  • Huge 130-pound capacity
  • For use on large lands, such as farms and crop fields
  • Easily maneuvered and controlled
  • Long lasting and durable


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This hand-operated lawn spreader by Scotts is ideal for those who wish to feed small to mid-sized lawns. We are talking lawn below five thousand square feet. The compact-sized hopper can hold up to 1500 square feet of lawn spread, decreasing the amount of time you are needed have to spend refilling the hopper. This spreader works optimally with substances of most textures, be it grain or liquid, grass seed, fertilizer, and even salt to melt the accumulated ice and snow on driveways. It not only comes to you completely assembled and pre-calibrated beforehand to enable you to get working, but its design also incorporates a utility control panel with buttons to help you set the various variables that will determine your rate and quality of work: speed, capacity etcetera. The EDGEGUARD technology stops any product from getting spread into non-lawn areas by barricading off the right side of the spreader when this feature is in use.


  • Little to no clogging
  • Great for small lawns
  • It is lightweight
  • The unit doesn’t take much space in the back shed


  • Has a shorter handle, uncomfortable
  • Will have to refill often if trying to cover a large area


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Final Word

So, now that you know enough to make a decision, which one’s your pick? For most people with a significantly sized piece of land, we recommend the BRINLY BS36BH TOW BEHIND SPREADER would be our recommended choice for you. It is a great buy, and impeccably solid and sturdy machine that’s built to last a lifetime. However, if you’re looking for a mini-sized portable fertilizer spreader, the choice spreader for you should be the EARTHWAY 2750 HAND-OPERATED NYLON BAG SPREADER. With its minute and light size, the EARTHWAY 2750 HAND-OPERATED NYLON BAG SPREADER product is easy to keep away, and, aside from the fact that you have to make sure that you have charge left in your batteries for your next spread session, it needs no assembly and no setup time or preparation.

Good luck!

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