EARTHWAY2150 vs. 2170

Earthway 2150 vs. 2170

One of the most renowned brands in the business of fertilizers in the lawn, garden and seed industries, if not the most, is the EARTHWAY. They are made to achieve high quality and the makers have made a point to pass it through rigorous quality control processes. In this article, we contrast and compare the EARTHWAY 2150 and the 2170.

For quite some time EARTHWAY Co. has dominated the farming tools market. It was established back in the mid-60s as a family-owned firm in Bristol, Indiana right here in the USA. EARTHWAY has since then designed, engineered, and manufactured high-quality garden and lawn devices that have proven to be of great utility to homeowners and professionals everywhere.

EARTHWAY 2150 Broadcast Spreader

The EARTHWAY2150 is not only a compact lawn spreader, it is also an awesome tool for small to medium sized gardens that require regular maintenance. This device can be adjusted to fit any size, which makes for a rather convenient and easy spreading sessions even on ununiformed terrains. The awesome 12 kilo capacity is sufficient to till spaces in most residential areas. The minute-ness of this fertilizer spreader also means that it can be easily stored even if you do not possess a lot of remaining space. It is designed to deliver a uniform fertilizer spread across your ranch even on terrains that are rough and not uniform. It comes with a heavy-duty frame that is made to withstand everyday use in all seasons, making it a particularly useful investment for so many homes and garden spaces.

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EARTHWAY 2170 Commercial Broadcast Spreader

The EARTHWAY 2170 Commercial Broadcast Spreader is designed to be a top of the line commercial fertilizer applier. The 2170 broadcast spreader delivers high performance while being available at a truly reasonable price—that being said, how does the EARTHWAY 2170 Commercial Broadcast Spreader compare to its predecessor?

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How Do They Compare?

Compactness & Size

The EARTHWAY 2150 spreader is, right off the bat, quite reliable in the size and compactness it comes in. It is 15.8 by 14.5 by 23.6 inches and gauges twenty-five pounds. Its case goes to your entryway at twenty-seven pounds and sending is accessible to various varieties outside the United States. If you juxtapose it with the usual fertilizer spreaders that are being sold today, by and large, the EARTHWAY 2170 Commercial Broadcast Spreader makes and delivers on the promise of giving an exceptional performance. In it is contained and installed an improved version of the EV-N-SPRED feature, meaning that you can evenly disburse your fertilizer material with ease and extreme accuracy and precision. This means that your seeds, your small grains, as well as your fertilizer, can be dispensed at the precise amounts needed to give the desired results.

Ease of Use

The EARTHWAY 2170’s edge over its predecessor is undoubtedly its heavy-duty build as well as its ease of operation. It is, in this respect, the best option for owners of big lawns. All you need to make use of this commercial-duty, 3-hole broadcast spreader is just you and your hands. It offers great operator comfort together with T-handles that are adjustable. It also comes with corrosive-resistant features in its shutoff as well as a steel frame coated in powder. It is designed with the precise intent to spread smaller materials such as grain fertilizer and grass seed. If granular fertilizer is the form that you prefer then the 2170 is definitely will definitely do a better job. Plus, the steps to carrying out the process is easy: You first start by determining the spread area, then you load the fertilizer granules into the hopper based on the amount needed, then you apply the granular fertilizer across the treatment area desired. You then overlap your spread pattern by 2 feet to facilitate even coverage, and finally, you clean your spreader well after use.

Comparing On-Lawn Performance

Manufactured for commercial use, the EARTHWAY 2170 is truly a high-performance push-behind spreader. The result of its design here is a blend of reasonable pricing as well as a high performance and great price which gives the user or the large lawn owner with a large lawn the confident ability to steward large rough terrains easily. The 2170’s build and architecture run from the ground upwards which enables easy control as well as long-lasting service. Also, it is ideal if your intention is to fill with weed killer, fertilizer, fungicide, or insecticide a significantly large area of ground with granular fertilizer.

Hopper Capacity & Tires

EARTHWAY 2170 broadcast spreader has an even bigger capacity than its predecessor; like it has been said of it, it is able to comfortable to hold up to 100 pounds of spread product. This fertilizer spreader is heavy-duty, and the handle has a T-shape for secure handling. Its hopper has a one-hundred-and seventy-five-pound capacity, an uncompromised casing and thirteen-inch pneumatic tires that are designed to ensure that nothing enters into the tire. There is an adjustable handle included as well as a control for the rate of spread. The setting for the rate control is located at the handle for you to access it easily. Of the several things that set apart the EARTHWAY 2170 spreader from its predecessor is its possession of the durable, high-quality-made aforementioned pneumatic tires that individually span 13 inches. What this means, of course, is that running spreader smoothly over your lawn or yard is that much easier for you, unlike with the 2150. This is constant regardless of the spreader’s weight. Also, the gearbox is securely locked to prevent any blockage arising from lawn debris as well as preventing dust. Now, the EARTHWAY does tend to clog quite a bit, but it makes up for this in terms of its broadcast range which is able to reach a maximum distance of 120 feet. Of course, if you want you can adjust the spreader speed by simply walking fast.


If you are looking for an ideal commercial fertilizer spreader, then ultimately the EARTHWAY 2170 should be the product for you. It is not only one of the best push-behind spreaders around, its added improvement on the EV-N-SPREAD features reinforce the already existing sturdy and applicability of its predecessor.



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