YARDWORKS 85-Pound Tow-behind Broadcast Spreader Review

YARDWORKS 85-Pound Tow-behind Broadcast Spreader Review

While the YARDWORKS Broadcast Spreader does not come assembled, it is simple to get put together and ready to use. It is precisely designed to be towed while on the hind side of a lawn tractor. It is attached to with a single pin hook and can be fixed with almost any lawn tractor, and will function work with sufficient zero-turn ratio mowers too.

The YARDWORKS Broadcast Spreader is perfect for those who want to make seeding or fertilizing your lawn much simpler. Several spreader settings together with a start trigger tuned for control permit you to apply your fertilizer correctly and at the correct rate. The YARDWORKS Broadcast Spreader works best for ranches of an acre or more, with some space to work with maneuver. Its hopper accepts a whopping load of up to 80 kilos of fertilizer. That’s 20 kilos more than the average spreader. It also possesses a patented directional spread pattern, which is manufactured to provide an even distribution of you fertilizer spread, its performance is just as uniform on grass seed as it is on ice-melt, and salt.

What to Expect From the YARDWORKS Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader

The YARDWORKS 85-Pound Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader can let you handle various types of material that may be spread on the ground. Even though this spreader is typically used for fertilizer, it can also be utilized for spreading salt on seeds, ice melt ice, or even weed killer. Its versatility allows it to have a capacity of 60 kilos. More importantly, not only does it comes with it a pre-installed protective cover to keep out soil particles, debris, and the rain it also comes with large pneumatic tires for easy and smooth handling. The axle and internal parts are made with materials to resist rusting and agents of nature.

Key Features of the YARDWORKS Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader

Durable &Amp; Convenient Build

The YARDWORKS Broadcast Spreader comes with a heavy-duty steel flow as well as a control remote, a poly-hopper that is resistant to corrosion which has the capacity to holds around 85 pounds of product. Its 10 inch flat tires are very resistance to sharp objects and are primed to allow for easy maneuverability. Its handle contains a grip handle that is padded with for maximum comfort. There is also a soft cover included as well as a steel frame which coated with powder for optimal resistance to wear and rust. More of its durable features include a resin hopper that is recyclable and which can hold up to 9,000 sq. ft., it arrives comes ready for use and fully assembled, maximal width of spread of 150 cm, a foldable handle, it is perfect for spreading seeds of all seasons, it has maintenance steel flow control, a heavy-duty stainless steel closure plate for better performance, as well as a vinyl cover included for all-climate use.

Good Hopper Size Considering Cost

Its cost is reasonable (typically under $200) and given its potential to hold up to a hundred lbs. of product. Its hopper is firm and rust-resistant, which means it can be used with a variety of materials. The tires are big which makes it easy to push up and down hills. They are also in possession of a decently high quality pattern in its tire treads; this is effective in keeping the spreader firm and stable while on surfaces that are wet and slippery. The frame is well-built, sturdy and impressively strong. If you’re looking for a decent broadcast spreader, the YARDWORKS Broadcast Spreader is certainly a contender. Perhaps the only thing that can be said to be of a demerit in the YARDWORKS 85-Pound Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader is the fact that some of its bolts grow loose over gradual time. However, to quell this, if you put a little lubricant on them before assembly, they shouldn’t come loose though.

Equipped With Accuracy Technology

Not only does the YARDWORKS Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader come with a powder-coated frame, with a rain cover, features a rugged design, Offers a spreading width of 10 to 12 feet, relatively affordable, it comes with a 90-day limited warranty, depending on the vendor, a directional spread pattern for uniform spreading, a range of intricate settings, and a heavy hopper capacity. Sure it may not have a metal gearbox as other brand spreaders, but its value is hard to beat. Moreover, you receive another patented feature, which automatically prevents your spread from being distributed anymore when your tractor draws to a stop. This prevents waste and ensures that not too much fertilizer is scorched in the grass. It has a range of settings whose controls are placed such that they are easy to reach while you’re driving. There is also a locking pad to make ensure that the settings are safe. The hopper is covered by a clear panel, which enables you to see the interior whilst stopping moisture from getting in. This furthermore means there is no chance of getting covered in dust during work. The wheels are rubber pneumatic and far broader than most; this way they ensure a uniform spread, especially where the ground happens to be uneven. As you might expect with a spreader of this size, there is quite a bit of assembling for the farmer to do. The YARDWORKS comes with an illustrated manual to help you throughout the process.


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If we boil it down to the fine balance between durability, affordability, and ease of use, our winner became clear: The YARDWORKS Tow-behind Broadcast Spreader. It is a reliable device that, we think, will make those tilling sessions less of a burden and more of an unwinding activity.

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