Buying Guide for Green Grass Fertilizers

Buying Guide for Green Grass Fertilizers

Do you desire to have the greenest and lushest lawn? If your answer is yes, then your work is cut out for you. There is no way to this lush and green paradise other than seeding and fertilizing your lawn consistently and prudently.

If by any chance you happen to own a sizable home, at the front or back of which is a lawn, then we can pretty much foretell why you’re here. You are looking for that fertilizer spreader that will turn your grass lawn into a permanently and evenly green natural carpet throughout the summer. However, making the right choice when it comes to the best fertilizer spreader to use on your home lawn can quickly become a herculean task. The immense range of options that are available on the market is overwhelmed only by the number of things you need to take into consideration before you set upon your purchase. Going for the wrong product can prove catastrophic to your lawn, and this is understating things. Thankfully, we are here, and so are you—so read up. More info abounds!

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Your Green Grass Fertilizer

Types of Fertilizer

There is a wide range of fertilizers you can get for your green grass lawn. Here is a brief recap of some of them:

Quick-release fertilizers also referred to as WSN (soluble nitrogen that is water-soluble), provide your grass with food near instantly. On the other hand, slow-release (otherwise referred to as WIN, water-insoluble nitrogen come available in form of a sulfur-coated product. They normally last for around eight weeks. Liquid fertilizers are the kind of fertilizers that are quickly absorbed by plant roots and leaves; they are also pretty fast-acting. Single nutrient fertilizers contain healthy amounts of nitrogen, which happens to be the most vital nutrient for optimal growth of the plant. Multi-nutrient fertilizers, however, are those that are designed to give your lawn a surplus of nutrients. They may contain an array of nutrients ranging from, say, copper, calcium, or iron. Organic fertilizers are processed wholly out of things such as animal waste—here we are talking guano, dung or manure. They can also be made out of plant materials. The list of sorts and categorizations here are endless.

Your Lawn’s Nutritional Needs

The requirements made of you by your lawn should be at the top of your list of concerns. Your lawn has both needs in terms of macronutrients and micronutrients. Your lawn will also need a fertilizer rich in, and sulfur, calcium, magnesium, hydrogen, and carbon; fortunately most of these are naturally available for your grass. Another vital thing to consider is how to identify the fertilizer best suited to the challenges currently existing on the lawn.

Purpose for Which Fertilizer Is Meant

Most, if not all, fertilizers are available in different sorts, each being designed to tackle some specific nutritional problem. These may vary from pesky weed issues, from pest control, all the way to grass growth etcetera. Moreover, if fertilizer is tailored particularly for a specific kind of plant, you should prepare for the eventuality that it will not be effective for your grass. You are strongly urged to carefully assess the nutritional components and functions that are meant to be served by your fertilizer of choice.

Soil Moisture & Acidity

If your grass is lacking in moisture and comprises wholly of coarse soil, then you are advised to choose a fertilizer spread that is rich in gypsum. Your soil’s pH level is also a crucial factor to keep in mind. Those strains whose alkaline levels are disproportionately high require a spread that will reduce iron-chlorosis, the condition responsible for this imbalance.

Consider Your Pets

If any of your fertilizers are rich in fish meal, bone meal, or blood meal, you will need to be careful with your pets. Most pets, and especially canines, may be attracted to soils that have been treated with these aforementioned fertilizers, and seeing as how potently toxic they are to most mammals, their likelihood of croaking upon ingestion of these substances is high.


You must consider the general climate of your locale for this could have either adverse or perfect effect depending on the decision and thought you put into it. If your environment at your end is generally hot and dry most times during the year, you ought to go with the turf builders. They are perfect when it comes to absorbing water for optimal grass moisture and health.

Organic vs. Synthetic

It seems obvious that going organic is the safest option, but most synthetic fertilizers are rich in nitrogen, and this is important if you want your grass to grow quickly and healthily. However, it is true, there are downsides to synthetic fertilizers. For starters, they are not quite what you would call eco-friendly. Moreover, if you use too much of it your lawn grass will scorch. So, what do you know, going organic is your safest option given the risks involved with synthesized fertilizers.

Comparison Table:

Hooper Capacity/Weight
Doubles as pesticide?
Check on Amazon
25 lbs.
18 lbs.
35 lbs.
30 lbs.


Reviewing the Best Green Grass Fertilizers:



SCOTTS Turf Builder is perfect for the extermination of clover and dollar weed and is also quite effective at killing fire ants for at least the entire first semi-annum after purchase. This fertilizer-cum-pesticide is precisely manufactured for use on southern grass: think St. Augustine (inclusive of Floratam), Centipede, Zoysia grass, and carpet grass. It shields your lawn grass from many pesky pests which can seriously harm your grass if they are left wholly to their own devices. It is a fertilizer that is of particular repute because of its ability to exterminate fire ants and suchlike other pesky bugs, all the while providing your lawn grass with vital nutrients. The nutrients disbursed by this SCOTTS fertilizer Scott’s turf builder fortify your lawn, protecting it against the effects of drought and inordinate heat throughout the year. Application of this product is recommended when there is a period of low moisture.


  • Fertilizer granules make for an easy spread
  • Effective weed killer
  • Reasonably priced
  • Safe around toddlers & pets


  • Needs accompanying spreader
  • May scorch your lawn


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SAFER BRAND RINGER RESTORE fertilizer adopts little to no poultry litter as well as no bio-solids. Its selling point is its total lack of scent. But its ability to cover up to 50,000 square feet of lawn. So if your landowner of such proportions, this might be the fertilizer for you. SAFER BRAND RINGER RESTORE’s organic capabilities are efficient at quickly improving the health of your lawn all the while instantiating the appropriate balance of nutrients required by your soil. It is also among the cohort of fertilizers out there that promise results in 5 days or less—talk about fast acting! The SAFER BRAND RINGER RESTORE can be used on any lawn or turf to promoting fast development growth and rehabilitate nutritional deficiencies extant on your lawn. The way it does this is through its natural fungi and vital bacteria which work to boost the internal photosynthetic processes of the plant’s botany. It is also effective at greening your lawn, ridding it free of weed, providing it with a deep and strong system of root, maintaining the overall long-term nutritional integrity of your lawn all the while shielding from disease and drought.


  • Perfect for already existing grass
  • All-natural organic fertilizer
  • Perfect for weed extermination
  • Gives of no odor
  • Safe around toddlers & pets.


  • Has zero phosphorus


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This 8 kilo sack is a homogenous mixture of calcium sulfate, fish bone meal, feather meal potassium and, and seaweed extract. Through this potent blend, it promises to provide grass with up to four months of service upon application. In possession of a sturdy, hardy and firm root system, Dr. Earth Super fertilizer is ideal for Fescue, Blue grass, St. Augustine, is impressively effective at controlling the build-up of thatch (debris derived from grass roots). While it can sometimes prove to be a difficult feat trying to find a zero-phosphorus lawn fertilizer, this fertilizer strives to fortify the root system of your lawn grass as well as contribute positively to its overall health. Its bountiful moisture potential and its ability to be effective over a significant over large acreage also has a significantly negative effect (numerically speaking), on the amount of irrigation you will have to do.


  • Uses water sparingly
  • Small, yet can cover 2,000 Square Feet
  • Effective for a long time
  • Perfect for enhancing existing lawn environment


  • It is quite costly, all things held constant


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The MIRACLE GRO ALL PURPOSE fertilizer is perfect dry conditions; it is also ideal for plants that are outside in the sun as well as those that are green-housed or otherwise in the interior. Weighing somewhere around 35 lbs., it is a wholly inorganic fertilizer which is composed of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen in the ever efficient ratio of 16-8-24. Coming in crystal form and the adaptability to use it in most applications, the nutrients in this fertilizer ensures an exquisite and luscious growth and vigorous sprouting of your outdoor and indoor plants. The best thing about the MIRACLE GRO is its quality of safety with animal pets and toddlers. More importantly there is absolutely zero possibility of having your lawn harmed by the fertilizer chemicals.


  • Gives instant results
  • Works for both interior and exterior plantation
  • Easy to apply


  • Is relatively expensive


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Made wholly from poultry manure, ESPOMA ORGANIC SUMMER FERTILIZER is basically elemental sulfur combined with iron oxide. This fertilizer contains 2% of iron that is non-staining, is itself a verified 8-0-1 NPK formula, and comes in 30-pound bags of 30 lbs. This may seem to be on the higher side but get this: the meager 30-pound bag is only sufficient to till around 5,000 square feet of land. Moreover, its nitrogen component is the sort that releases slowly which means that you get to witness gradual growth and flourishing of your lawn as time passes. The ESPOMA’s selling point is its efficiency at elevating your lawn’s visual vibrancy and health as well as the ease with which you will maintain it in the coming months. The little proportion of potassium present in ESPOMA’s Organic Fertilizer is needed to shield your lawn from agents of nature: draughts and such. This means that the demand to irrigate your lawn will be that much more lessened. The ESPOMA EOSR30 Summer fertilizer spread is a bit on the higher side in terms of cost, but one bag of 30 pounds will till over 5,000 square feet. Moreover, only one application every summer would be required of you; this is sufficient to elevate the soil and grass on your lawn.


  • Tills large 5,000 ft^2 area
  • Eco-friendly formula
  • Is safe for toddlers and pets
  • Is impressively instant and fast-acting
  • Granules are soft making distribution easy


  • Relatively expensive
  • It may have something of an unpleasant smell


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Summary of the Best Green Grass Fertilizers

It’s safe to say that you’re now at a better vantage to making your decision. Whichever road you pick, we urge that you make it one the above choices, and more importantly, that you take the above factors into deep considerations, as well as looking upon your particular circumstances. If you asked us, we’d tell you to go for SAFER BRAND—it really is the best, most effective fertilizer we could find, all factors constant. But that’s only if you asked us. No matter what fertilizer you go with you will need a good 3 point fertilizer spreader to save yourself countless hours vs spreading by hand.

Good luck!



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